Archive of the Lead On BC Regional Gathering 2015.
Held on Oct 17th – 19th @ the Chilliwack Vineyard.


We went with expectant hearts.

We came from every region of our province; we arrived with expectant hearts; we were not disappointed, in fact, God far surpassed our expectations on about every level imagined and some we’d not even considered.  The unity and love for the saints (one another), in combination with the felt impact of the Holy Spirit’s presence was extraordinary — it was unlike anything that either Debbie or I have encountered since we began gathering with our Vineyard family over 15 years previous.

— David and Debbie Tombe, Lead Pastors


John and Eleanor Mumford
National Leaders, UK & Ireland Vineyard
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Lead On Session Recordings:

(Last sessions updated Jan 14, 2015): Session recordings are being resampled, edited and published on a session-by-session basis. Continue checking in as we bring this brilliant series to completion. If you have any technical questions or information requests please don’t hesitate to forward your inquiries to media@kamloopsvineyard.com.


October 2014

Friday Oct 17 2014 : Lead On : Session 5 ‘Church Planting — Beautiful and Challenging.’

John Mumford—Responding in part to the day’s earlier sessions, John speaks about the Vineyard, ‘a random lot’, he shares about the beauty and the challenges of diversity and Church Planting; investing in others—many from completely different backgrounds and cultural influence, and, in the situation of international expansion, completely different places in our world.

Friday Oct 17 2014 : Lead On : Session 4 ‘Developing Leaders. Being Intentional.’

Jesus poured himself into people; he identified, involved, and invested in them. Neal Black (Langley Vineyard, Sen. Assoc @ Power To Change) recalls his call into ministry and the credible impact one leader had in his life. (2Tim 2:2).

Friday Oct 17 2014 : Lead On : Session 3 ‘The Millennial Worldview.’

David Ruis, brief intro — DNA of worship. Luke Vandervert (worship leader, Chilliwack) ‘The Millennial Worldview.’ Twenty-something year olds; who are they, how do the see the world. Making room. Leadership as ‘team’. Authority, relationship and trust. ‘Don’t tell me what to do, but will you walk with me?’ — ‘A holy convergence — family.’

Friday Oct 17 2014 : Lead On : Session 2 ‘Know Who You Are.’

Tracy Rahn (co-pastor, worship and creative arts, Abbortsford Vineyard) —’God has given the Vineyard its’ unique position. Be you. Remember you’re identity. Be who you were created to be.’ Eleanor Mumford—‘Remember your roots. As you remember your roots, the new shoots will come!’ God has entrusted something to this movement that is essential to the whole church.

Thursday Oct 16 2014 : Lead On : Session 1 ‘By Hook Or By Crook, God Has Us.’

David Ruis introduces John and Eleanor from the United Kingdom. Following up on Gary’s introductory session, the Mumford’s begin by sharing their own life story, welcoming the leaders and elders of the BC Vineyard family, and then by exhorting listeners from 1 Peter 5.1-4; ‘The four characteristics of those who lead’.

Thursday Oct 16 2014 : Lead On : Session 1 ‘Missional Communities’

Missional Community – ‘There has to be a starting point.’ Church cummity can’t simply be a ‘sheep pen’. Whether you’re 6 or 600, our Vineyards have to start creating a culture of mission. A fascinating presentation, question and answer session with Gary Stephens, Abbotsford Vineyard.

Thursday Oct 16 2014 : Lead On : Introduction.

Listeners are welcomed into the midst of a brief and candid introduction by David Ruis who begins by reflecting on the most recent connection of Vineyards from all across Canada in the Summer of 2014  and  the BC Pastors Gathering in October.