2015 BC Vineyard Regional Gathering
Lead On. The Way Forward.

Christy Wimber, Yorba Linda USA

Our BC Vineyard Regional leaders were thrilled to have Vineyard Canada’s National Directors David and Anita Ruis  host the 2015 BC Vineyard Gathering in Chilliwack BC. Together, they invited special friend and leader Christy Wimber to address this year’s gathering of our Vineyard family from across the province.
Christy has been a key player in the VTribe for some time now. She has been instrumental in the development of Vineyard Worship, as well she has spear headed several equipping initiatives in the Vineyard family.
The last years have seen her increase in trans-local engagement that has taken her into many different spheres of the Church, carrying a passion for the kingdom and a robust calling to see our call to be a healing people fleshed out. Her ability to inspire cross-generationally is a great gift. She currently pastors the Yorba Linda Vineyard Community in Southern California.

We’re pleased to welcome you to our Media Archive where you can personally view this year’s regional gathering held @ the Chilliwack Vineyard.

Following is a link to the Vineyard Canada You Tube archive, click here.
General sessions have been recorded and archived for all to enjoy;
Friday Evening — Christy Wimber
Saturday Morning — Worship & Christy Wimber
Saturday Afternoon — Afternoon ‘A Mozaic  of Special Testimonials’
Saturday Evening — Worship & Christy Wimber
Sunday Morning — Worship & Christy Wimber
Christy Wimber
Senior Pastor @ Yorba Linda Vineyard USA