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ENLIVE. Our Vineyard National Celebration.

Held on July 28th – 31st  2014.

Our history and calling . . .

Once every four years our Canadian Vineyard churches gather together as a movement from across the nation. As anticipated the corporate church gathered and enjoyed a tremendous time of renewal and inspiration. Now we’re thrilled to offer each of six (6) recorded sessions with significant guests and leaders from across Canada and around the world.
Sessions include some fresh, honest and passionate dialog about the Vineyard’s history and calling going forward. Debbie and I can’t encourage enough the importance of members from our body and those of you just listening in, “Please set aside some time to enjoy things shared.”
Of particular note — Session Six (6) records David and Anita Ruis’s address to our Canadian Vineyard after regional and national leaders from across the nation presented and blessed David and Anita as Vineyard Canada’s newest leadership couple, second only to Gary and Joy Best, the founding leadership couple of our Canadian Vineyard, and almost seven years of transition as Gary and Joy past on the leadership to a national team of four (4) leadership couples that stretched from coast to coast.
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Speakers included:

David and Anita Ruis (Canada Vineyard)
Noel & Dona Isaacs (Himalayan Region Vineyard)
Sukit & Amp Wangtechawat (Thailand Vineyard)
Robby Dawkins (Vineyard Church of Aurora)
John and Eleanor Mumford (UK Vineyard)
Cheryl Bear (Bear Clan from Nadleh Whut’en First Nation and Canadian FourSquare)
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ENLIVE Session Recordings:

July 2014

Enlive. National Gathering. | Session No. 6. “David & Anita Ruis”

Enlive. National Gathering. | Session No. 5. “Cheryl Bear”

Enlive. National Gathering. | Session No. 4. “Eleanor Mumford”

Enlive. National Gathering. | Session No. 3. “Robby Dawkins”

Enlive. National Gathering. | Session No. 2. “The Isaacs & Wangtechawats”

Enlive. National Gathering. | Session No. 1. “David Ruis”

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Keynote Speaker Bios:


David Ruis

David Ruis is a well-respected worship leader, songwriter and communicator who has opened the way for many people around the world to encounter Jesus. Together with his wife Anita, he is also known as a church planter and pastor having established churches in Canada and the US within the Vineyard family of churches. For the Ruis family, living the story involves a lifestyle that integrates creative worship expression with community that is engaged with the issues of poverty and social injustice. David has also been instrumental in seeing Vineyard communities established in Nepal and India. Much of his focus tends to be in indigenous settings, working amongst the poor as well as facilitating leadership development and fostering originality in songwriting and the arts in various cultural settings.



Robby Dawkins

Robby Dawkins has been called by God to live the story by helping equip and release the church in the power ministry of the Holy Spirit. Power encounters with Jesus leading to radically changed lives have been a mark of the church he planted with his wife Angie in Aurora, Illinois and in his itinerant ministry all over the world. Robby teaches on prophetic ministry, healing, ministry of the presence of God and deliverance from demonic power: all ministries in which he, and others he has mentored, have been significantly used as God’s Kingdom breaks in with signs and wonders. He was recently featured in the movies “Furious Love” and “Father of Lights”. His book “Do What Jesus Did “ was released in June 2013.


Cheryl Bear

Cheryl Bear is Nadleh Whut’en from the Carrier Nation in Northern British Columbia. Her story includes having an earned doctorate, and being an award winning First Nations recording artist and national and international speaker. She and her family are living the story by visiting every one of the 1000 First Nations communities, Reservations, Reserves and settlements in the USA and Canada sharing the Great Story of Creator’s love and helping Native people to encounter Jesus. They have been to over 600 so far…and amazingly seem to have found “cuzzins” in every one. Cheryl is well known for her wisdom, sense of humour and ability to raise awareness of the value and uniqueness of Indigenous people and their culture.