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Freshwind Ministries started in the heart of Brian and Sue West while on staff at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship in the early 1990’s. The name came out of a time of worship and prayer where a spontaneous song came about God “blowing a Freshwind” of His power and presence through the nations of the world.
The West’s moved back to BC and started the ministry in 1997 along with Brad and Eden Jersak. Both couples had a deep desire to experience the Kingdom of God as a present reality in normal everyday life. In 1998 Freshwind Christian Fellowship was birthed out of this desire for the “real thing” in church. What followed was an incredible journey along God’s “road less traveled.”
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Brian West

Brian has been involved in Christian leadership for well over two decades in various capacities (Mentoring and Pastoring, Camp Directing, Worship Leading, Itinerant Speaking, and Recovery from Addictions, Leadership Development and Consultaton). Brian has also been involved in prayer ministry to see the “captives set free.” He has a heart to serve the local church(s) and to see the body of Christ equipped to reach into the world with authentic faith. Brian loves to see people come alive in their faith and realize that God is actually communicating with His people today. He is currently Team Leader of Freshwind Ministries and a chaplain and advisor for BC Teen Challenge. Brian is involved with various churches helping people understand team concepts in the context of listening prayer.
Brian has been married to a wonderful girl named Sue for the last 34 years. That’s what we like to call ‘a good start’. Together they raised three awesome kids, their significant others and two adorable grand-children. Brian and Sue live in Abbotsford BC.
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Brian and Sue West
Freshwind Ministries
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Pilgrim’s Process is a walk with Brian and Sue West through a few of the journeys that they have been on. Brian has written about some insights gained over the years following God through the great adventure of life.
Brian West — “Don’t Give Up”
Music CD Released Jan 05, 2015
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