International Missions — ‘It’s life-changing . . . for everyone.’

Have you considered the benefits of serving in short-term missions and outreach?

Kamloops Vineyard Missions is a great place to foster mentoring, teaching, fellowship, co-missional outreach.
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Posted: March 24 2017

We’re setting our sights on another
Missions journey to Casa de Luz,
Primo Tapia Mexico.

If you’re interested in finding out more information we want to hear from you.
Please contact Merve Fedrau,
For more information on the ministry of Casa de Luz and our ministry
partners Abbotsford Vineyard, please visit their website by clicking here.
Merve Fedrau
International Missions Overseer
Kamloops Vineyard Church
Debbie Tombe
Kamloops Vineyard Co-Lead Pastor
International Missions Administrator
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‘International Missions’ Support Team
includes the following members:
Allan Clarkson,
Lee Gardiner,
Lisa Lough,