The Vineyard Kids’ Church.
Sunday Mornings @ 10:45AM.
Ministry kicks off again on Sept 10th.
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An Introduction to Kids’ Church

The purpose of the Kids’ Church ministry, is to
  • Partner with the Holy Spirit to WIN kids’ hearts to a genuine, passionate love for Jesus by prayer, caring relationship, modeling and teaching, and introduce them to biblical values and principles, and to His abundant life.
  • INTEGRATE kids into Christian community by providing opportunities for friendships (irrespective of differences), and giving kids opportunity to “do the stuff” of ministering, worshipping, praying, and having fun together and with their leaders.
  • NURTURE kid’s growth by providing safe, caring, stimulating and culturally relevant physical, social, and spiritual environments, experiences, and opportunities.
  • EQUIP kids to be passionate disciples of Jesus, and support them in this process as they grow in character; gain knowledge and skills; learn to own and use their God-given gifts and abilities; learn to hear and respond to His voice; and move forward in all that He intends for them to be and do.
  • SEND kids into their world to share Jesus and pass on their experience of His abundant life and love to others, with words and practical help—in their personal network and further afield, including the poor, the sick, hungry, lost, and marginalized people of various generations—and with cultural relevance to those to whom they minister.

We recognize that our role is to supplement parents in the spiritual development of their children—not the other way around. We look for ways to partner with parents and families in this amazing process.

Contact us with inquiries or to apply to help with our Kid’s Church Ministry.

Bonnie Bylsma
Children and Family Pastor
Vineyard Canada Children’s Overseer
Connie Smith
Kids’ Church Administrative Assistant Toddler/Nursery Overseer
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Kingdom Kids (4-12 yrs)

Our heart is to impart exciting themes on God’s love, creation, worship, and Kingdom of God values.  We will be doing scripture memory with the kids as well.  There will be a take-home page with each lesson allows you the parents to reinforce these ideas every day of the week. This will also be posted weekly on the church web page.  

What a privilege it will be to work with you parents in helping our children catch Gods fire in their heart and have it last forever.