‘Be a friend.’

Borrowing from a quote out of our Vineyard Canada National Faith, Vision and Mission document, we’d like to encourage you to communicate the love of Jesus through your everyday lives and to join us as we engage in mission with others by reaching out to people in our local community and to fields further abroad.

— David and Debbie Tombe, Lead Pastors 

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Live The Story

Authored by Gordie LeGore
Member of the Vineyard National and BC Regional Leadership Teams

Senior Pastor @ East Vancouver Vineyard

Through our ongoing encounter with God, we are invited to become part of God’s Story by sharing in his mission to restore creation. God has never given up on his intention to put this world right, but he has chosen to not do this apart from humanity. In response to the good news of his reign, we have made Jesus Lord of our lives, and have given ourselves to the planting, development, and multiplication of independent, reconciling, and mission-focused communities.

In these communities, we are being healed and freed to discover our deepest passions and spiritual gifts in an environment of welcome and embrace. We are committed to equipping all followers of Jesus to do his ministry through their unique callings. We are empowered to find our place in the Story, working together to announce the reign of God, endeavouring always to do so in relational and socially relevant ways.
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