One Love: Katherine Murray

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Ministry Support

Katherine Murray is a dearly loved and valued leader in our Vineyard family. For some years Katherine has selflessly poured her life and prayers into this community. Every day her love of Jesus and her influence for the Father’s kingdom only deepens — most recently her calling took her to South Africa, half-a-world away. The church remains committed to Katherine and her calling to minister Jesus’ love; by providing prayerful and relational love.
Following are some ways that you can take part in supporting Katherine on God’s journey:
  • Lift up Katherine in your prayers and encouragements.
  • If you want to financially contribute you’re encouraged to speak with her directly.


Katherine Murray
One Love Ministries
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EPILOGUE: South Africa 2015 ~ (updated Sept 2015)

Jesus told His disciples in John 20:21 that as the Father had sent Him so He now sends His disciples. I see myself there among His disciples and hear that commission to me. I know that Jesus came to reveal the love of His father and to establish His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Now with His spirit within me, I follow Him to do as He did: reveal the love of God and to continue to implement His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. It is with this heart that I return to South Africa.

Perhaps the best word to describe what has been unfolding since my first trip to South Africa is pioneer. From the initial invite to visit (2013), to living there for nearly five months last year (2014), I have been following Jesus into what He is newly doing and building in South Africa. I am honoured to be a part of Jesus’ kingdom work. I had previously shared that last year was about laying a foundation of love and relationship with many in Johannesburg. This year will be about building upon that foundation.

Earlier this year I sensed Jesus asking me to prepare to come to South Africa in September for three weeks. This time there will be three friends coming with me: Connie Smith, Aleida West, and Isabelle Meunier. I am so thankful to share this kingdom adventure with these three wonderful friends!

We leave for Johannesburg on September 02 and will return to Kamloops on September 23rd. The primary focus of our time will be on growing and expanding relationships and loving on one another. A number of events have been planned and include:
  • Preaching at Bible Faith Centre, Diepsloot, Johannesburg
  • Teaching, sharing, ministry with several small groups
  • Youth Day – Diepsloot, with Shepherd and Eve Wazara.
I am also anticipating a robust amount of fun & adventure!
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EPILOGUE: South Africa 2014 ~ (updated Feb 2015)

My time in South Africa was both good and difficult. I remember my arrival in Johannesburg, walking through the airport, and feeling great joy – the joy of the Lord. It was a great welcome to the country!
I believe there was a two fold purpose in being in South Africa: (1) to lay a foundation of love and relationship with Jesus and His kingdom in SA; and (2) the work Jesus did in me. His work in me was defined by refining and pruning, and ultimately brought me into a realm of child-like trust in Jesus. This new depth of intimacy and trust I now have with Jesus made the difficult time in South Africa very worth it.

To help me understand what we were doing in South Africa, Jesus had given me a picture of laying a foundation like the concrete foundation a carpenter would lay to build a house. We established that foundation by building relationship with many people there and serving where I felt called to serve. This included:

teaching and facilitating listening prayer;
prophetic teaching and ministry;
the Hlanganani orphan care network: I helped with facilitating a summer camp; facilitated a caregiver discipleship group; and learned a lot about empowerment.

I was honoured to be able to serve a variety of people during my time there that included pastors, leaders, and fellow believers in Jesus. It included people from different races and socioeconomic backgrounds, and at different places in their journey with Jesus.

Contact with my friends in SA is regular and frequent and I continue to receive amazing feedback on what Jesus did during my time there. It is so encouraging! Going forward I am waiting and watching for what Jesus wants to do with the foundation He laid in South Africa. I have a desire to bring some people I know there to spend time with our spiritual family here in Kamloops. I believe we at KVCF have something to share and impart with our South African family and want opportunity for relationships to be formed between both.

I greatly appreciate the love and support I have received from my Vineyard church family and others who felt to support this journey. Is it any wonder that I want to share my Kamloops spiritual family with the world? I love my church family and am thrilled we get to share this glorious journey with Jesus together! Thank you to everyone who in one form or another supported me in this adventure!

Katherine Murray
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Archive ~ Spring 2014

Introduction to South Africa activities
Following is an outline, as I presently know it, of my sojourn in Johannesburg, South Africa and what I believe I will be doing with Jesus:

Love, Strengthen, Encourage: I believe my time will largely be defined by coming alongside certain people for the purpose of loving them, encouraging them, and strengthening them in their relationship with Jesus and spiritual walk. I anticipate that a lot of the ways I serve in Kamloops will be true in South Africa. This would include: listening prayer, prophetic ministry, teaching/speaking, coffee cup ministry, etc. A primary relationship, I believe, will be with Shepherd and Eve Wazara, a pastor couple I met during my visit in 2013. We have maintained contact and they look forward to my coming. 

Diepsloot: Diepsloot is a poor township in the north of Johannesburg. It is a mixture of formal and informal settlements. Diepsloot started out as a transit camp that became for many a permanent home. The homes are mainly brick houses or shacks. A number of the people I met last year serve in Diepsloot. I anticipate opportunities to serve there also.

Zimbabwe: in order to extend my visitor visa I will need to leave the country and re-enter. There is a tentative plan to travel to Zimbabwe with the Wazaras which is their home country and a place where they still minister. 

Discovery: I also believe that during this time I will discover more of what Jesus and I will be doing during our time in Johannesburg.

Katherine Murray