Developing a Deeper Culture of Prayer
We are excited to develop a deeper culture of prayer— we believe this is God’s heart for us as the Vineyard family of believers here in Kamloops. Furthermore, we believe that it will bring all of us into a deeper relationship with Him and one another and increase the blessing of the Father on our church, city and the world. We are approaching this in a couple different ways:
  1. Publication of this Prayer Vine. We intend to publish this once a month; it contains our current prayer focus.
  2. Prayer triplets. We encourage everyone who calls Kamloops Vineyard their home to reflect on things shared in the Prayer Vine and to commit to meet once a week with two others to encourage and pray for one another, our church, city, nation and world.
Steven and Beth Leeming
PrayerVine Overseers
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You can download monthly PrayerVine Publications by clicking on the following linked files . . .