Sunday Morning Pre-Service Prayer *

Welcome — Thank you for coming! Following are some guidelines for our time:

9:00 — 9:20AM “Soaking Prayer”

A time of silence and rest, allowing the Lord to wash off of us any burdens we are carrying and asking Him to help us to fix our eyes on Jesus.

9:20 — 9:45AM “Intercession”

A time of focused prayer for the service. We pray short prayers, as led by the Holy Spirit. We are listening to Him and listening to each other, operating like an orchestra playing together, with the Holy Spirit as the conductor.

— Jim & Danielle McClurg (


* Pre-Service Prayer Gatherings are held in the Vineyard’s library and teen activity room, located in the church’s basement @ St Andrews On the Square.

Sunday mornings are a typical flurry of activity, with different members wandering into the church to prepare for our Sunday Worship gathering. In everything we do there is a foundation and reasoning for the order that we present. Our Sunday morning Pre-Service Prayer Gatherings are no different.

There are scarcely enough words to emphasize the importance of this time, of the creditable influence that our prayers have on everything we do. Debbie and I cannot express enough gratitude for the efforts undertaken by our elders, leadership and family members to promote the work of our Father’s kingdom among us as we gather.

For those of you brave souls who see themselves arriving early enough to pray with other believers drawn and called to do the same, we invite you to attend.

— David  & Debbie Tombe, Lead Pastors