Treasures of God Children’s Home


To love, value and become family for abandoned children with disabilities,
simply because they are fearfully and wonderfully made by God.



  • Provide a home for abandoned children with special needs made up of a close-knit community of people living in a family-oriented environment.
  • Provide quality care and consistency in order to assist each child in reaching their unique optimal potential.
  • Meet the daily needs of the children, including food, shelter and education, as well as any required physical therapies, medications, specialist Dr. visits, and surgeries.
  • Integrate the children into society and provide life skill training to become as independent as is possible for each child.
  • Share the love of God with each child in the home.
  • Educate people about the inherent worth and value of children with special needs.


“My vision is to see these children not just survive, but thrive! I want them to reach
their full potential and see the value in their own lives regardless of what they
were told previously.
I want them to know that they are fearfully and wonderfully made by God and
He loves them completely. I also want to educate the townspeople and those
living in the surrounding communities that these children have tremendous
value and are indeed very lovable and worthy.”
– Naomi Heye

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Ways in Which You Can Be Involved:


  • Pray for the home
  • Pray for the individual children
  • Pray for Naomi Heye
  • Pray for specific needs and situations


  • Give a monthly donation
  • Give a special gift
  • Sponsor a child on a monthly basis


  • Phone, write, email or facebook Naomi
  • Send a care package to Naomi
  • Help with postal mailouts (twice a year)
  • Print out and pass along email updates in your spheres of influence
  • Host a gathering – party! – when Naomi is in your area
  • Talk to friends, family, your local paper, TV station or other media
  • Share the vision with your local church.

For more information …
Naomi Heye’s email:
Naomi Heye’s phone number: 001-502-4975-7674 


Please visit the Treasures of God Children’s Home blog:

Naomi Heye
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The Kamloops Vineyard is a proud friend and supporter of Naomi Heye and Treasure’s Of God Children’s Home.