TransFUSION: Vineyard Vision ’2014′
with David & Anita Ruis.


Download TransFusion. Vineyard Vision 2014 Series Outline. KVC_TransFUSION2014
Listen to Six (6) live audio recordings from the weekend. (click here)

Through the May long weekend (Fri nite May 16th – Sun morn May 18) the Kamloops Vineyard hosted a ‘Vineyard Vision Weekend’, called Transfusion. We were thrilled to welcome guest speakers David and Anita Ruis from the Kelowna Vineyard; both are members of the Vineyard’s Regional and National Leadership teams.

Over the weekend we presented a snapshot of the Vineyard’s history and we examined attributes of the church and it’s role to transform lives and communities. People who attended experienced a rich engagement of fellowship, worship, ministry and instruction. It’s our hope that this exercise has drawn each of just a little closer to one another, to Jesus and to a fresh revelation of God’s kingdom. We’re ALL invited to play a role in God’s story—it’s a story that is much bigger and more glorious than we could ever hope or imagine.

If you’ve missed the gathering, we don’t want you to feel excluded in any way. You’ll be excited to know that we are preparing outlines and audio downloads of the entire event, please visit our website over the balance of the month to listen in, and to potentially ‘watch’ each of four (4) sessions held over two nights and two days.

Debbie and I would like to add our special thanks to;

  • David and Anita Ruis (Kelowna Vineyard), Carl Amouzou (Surrey Vineyard), who sacrificially gave of there energy, passion and time. We so appreciate our friendship and partnering in the work of ‘doing-the-stuff’.
  • The Sahali Fellowship, for allowing us the use of their facility to gather on Friday and Saturday. Time and time again you’ve been such loyal friends and supporters. It’s great to share life and ministry with you here in Kamloops.
  • One Silver Coin, for being such amazing worshipers, musicians, servants, and friends.
  • And all of our Vineyard volunteers, family, friends, technicians, musicians and staff who helped us pull this off!
  • Jocelyn, thank you for leading the way . . . you did an amazing job of organizing, administrating and overseeing this event.

— David and Debbie Tombe, Lead Pastors


David Ruis

David is a well-respected worship leader, songwriter and communicator who has opened the way for many people around the world to encounter Jesus. Together with his wife Anita, he is also known as a church planter and pastor having established churches in Canada and the US within the Vineyard family of churches. For the Ruis family, living the story involves a lifestyle that integrates creative worship expression with community that is engaged with the issues of poverty and social injustice.  David has also been instrumental in seeing Vineyard communities established in Nepal and India. Much of his focus tends to be in indigenous settings, working amongst the poor as well as facilitating leadership development and fostering originality in songwriting and the arts in various cultural settings.