TransFusion — Vineyard Vision 2014

May 2014

TransFusion 2014: Sun Morn: St Andrews On The Square

David and Anita Ruis wrap up their weekend with us during our Sunday Morning Worship Service. Anita begins by sharing a couple of different words for the church, one which includes her prayer and God’s promise for us that is ‘rooted’ in Psalm 1.1-3. David moves on to talk about our community of faith — “The Vineyard. Whether it be bigger family or smaller family — we are just trying to figure out how the Holy Spirit is leading us, helping us, and guiding us in this journey of faith.” (2 Cor 10. 13-18)

TransFusion 2014: Sat Nite: Our Posture In Ministry

Anita presents the Vineyard ‘Five-Step Model’ that we’ve employed in praying ‘with’ people. — “It’s a ministry that comes alongside people and encourages them to be engaged in the process of prayer. Our posture in ministry is oh-so-important. People are not a project and must never be left to feel that there are anything less than treasured and valued through our course of ministry.”

TransFusion 2014: Sat Nite: Worship

Worship is a core value of our Vineyard family. David Ruis moves onto the subject of worship by opening up with this provocative statement, “We know that worship has no integrity, and doesn’t even catch the ear of the Lord, unless our lives are anchored in the care of the poor and is engaged in some level of systemic injustice around us.” Listen in as he unpacks worship as a way of life.

TransFusion 2014: Sat Afternoon: Vineyard Distinctives

David completes his presentation of the Vineyard Distinctives that includes how we posture ourselves in ministry and promote justice and mercy that is rooted in our worship of God.  — “We want to be family and movement that plant churches. We want to be a family of faith communities that are being born out of our experience and because we’ve been obedient to Jesus.”

TransFusion 2014: Sat Noon: Vineyard Distinctives

“We’re just trying to be faithful to the things that Jesus has called us to be!” —David Ruis

David opens up our afternoon session with an introduction to he and Anita’s history in the Vineyard. This was followed by a question and answer forum where David addresses the powerful tension of being a faith community that embraces the ‘Revival and Renewal Movements of the Spirit and soon coming King (Isaiah 53)’ and the ‘Now and Not Yet’ tension of God’s kingdom coming to the earth.

TransFusion 2014: Friday Session: Vineyard Distinctives

In our opening session David presents a 10,000’ snapshot overview of the Vineyard movement, and a presentation of distinctive qualities that make the Vineyard what it is today.

David & Anita Ruis
National Leaders, Vineyard Canada


TransFusion. Vineyard Vision 2014.

Over the May long weekend our Kamloops Vineyard hosted a ‘Vineyard Vision Weekend’, called TransFusion. We were thrilled to welcome guest speakers David and Anita Ruis from the Kelowna Vineyard; both are committed members of the Vineyard’s Regional and National Leadership teams.

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