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Posted: April 08 2018

We’re setting our sights on another
Missions journey to Casa de Luz,
Primo Tapia Mexico . . .
Circle your calendars for Nov 15th – 26th.

If you’re interested in finding out more information we want to hear from you.
Please contact Merve Fedrau,
For more information on the ministry of Casa de Luz and our ministry
partners Abbotsford Vineyard, please visit their website by clicking here.

Have you considered the benefits of serving in short-term missions and outreach?

Kamloops Vineyard Missions is a great place to foster mentoring, teaching,
and co-missional outreach.

Why do we go?

by Merve Fedrau, International Missions Overseer
My Filipino guide brought me, after an arduous two-day trek, to a small jungle village where a missionary had visited ten years earlier. I was excited to find that many in the village still loved Jesus, although they had not had any outside Christian contact for ten years. Due to their isolation, there had been minimal growth—confusion, spiritual disorientation and aimlessness had set in.

I spent three days in the village, encouraging, teaching, and speaking into the lives of these people, with the help of my guide as translator. I watched hope arise—first in individuals, and then in the whole village. By the end of my visit, some of the elders were talking about how they might bring the love of Jesus to other small villages. My guide (who was also a pastor) assured the village elders that he would come to visit them regularly from then on, and together they began to collaborate on how they might reach that jungle region with the love of Jesus.

Jesus’ friend Matthew provides an eye-witness account of a teaching/healing tour Jesus and his friends made through some towns and villages in Israel. Matthew writes, “When He saw them, He had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.”

That is part of the essence of our calling—to be shepherds to the discouraged, confused, disillusioned, and despondent people wherever we find them—and bring hope. “Wherever” includes our neighbourhood, our city, our country and the world.

We share the things we ourselves have walked through and experienced, and give freely from the treasure we carry within. While good theologians fulfill an essential role, our generic calling is not to bring theology, theory or religion, but personal encounter with Jesus. Paul, who had a dramatic encounter with Jesus, wrote, “Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God, but our lives as well.” The apostle John wrote, “That…which we have heard, which we have seen with our own eyes, and have personally experienced, is what we are sharing with you, concerning Jesus’ words of life.”

Mentorship is another reason why we go. Leaders in biblical accounts mentored—they took people with them who were interested in growing and learning through example, experience and co-ministry. Mentors didn’t merely tell people how to do it; they showed them, and along the way, shared their life—motives, vision, passion and hopes.

The mission initiatives at Kamloops Vineyard are numerous and diverse. If you find the idea of venturing out to bring Jesus to others a bit daunting, why not join us on one of our outreaches? You will be well-supported by a team of experienced people, cared for, encouraged and have the opportunity to learn and grow in a no-pressure environment. Here are some of the places in which we currently reach out:

Local and Regional

Friends Café, New Life Community Outreach Centre
Thompson Rivers University Students, Focus Club
Interior Health and Wellness Fairs Spiritual Café Outreaches
Kamloops Regional Corrections Centre, Prison Ministries


Paradise Bible Camp, Hay River, Northwest Territories
     Construction, Kids Summer Camp Ministry
     Prayer and Prophetic Ministry in community (beginning June 2018)


Casa de Luz, Primo Tapia, Mexico

     Prayer and Prophetic Ministry
    Community Outreach

Treasures of God Children’s Home, Guatemala

Merve Fedrau
International Missions Overseer
Kamloops Vineyard Church
Debbie Tombe
Kamloops Vineyard Co-Lead Pastor
International Missions Administrator
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‘International Missions’ Support Team
includes the following members:
Allan Clarkson,
Lee Gardiner,
Lisa Lough,