Congregational Worship begins @ 10AM.
Kids Church begins after 45 minutes.
An Introduction to Kid’s Church
Welcome! At the Kamloops Vineyard Church, we love children, and we value young people as integral members of our community. We walk alongside them as extended spiritual family, joining them in worship, ministry, and friendship. Our connection extends beyond our Sunday morning services to include community gatherings throughout the year, including special events, family home groups, mid-week parent and child gatherings, and family home visits.
We invite you and your family to come join us!
On Sunday mornings, we start with a time of communal worship for about 45 minutes. We understand each child is at a different place in their worship journey, and we welcome you to sit near the front in order to help your child really see and experience what is unfolding each Sunday. We are not afraid of children being their developmentally appropriate selves and needing to move and make noise during our times of gathered worship. After announcements and a time for tithes and offerings to be gathered, we will ask children to join us up at the front for a short prayer and blessing. They are then welcome to go downstairs for the Kid’s Church program from 11am to 12pm. Our adult and youth leaders and helpers will accompany the kids downstairs and help them find their age-appropriate room. At the end of the time downstairs, the kids will be chaperoned back upstairs to join their parents or caregivers.
Sunday Kid’s Church Services:
Nursery (0 – 2 years old)
Preschool (3 – 5 years old)
Early Elementary (6 – 9 years old)
Preteen (10 – 12 years old)
Our younger children enjoy play time in their room with various activities available to them. Our older children rotate through stations, experiencing hands-on learning and sharing through play, story, craft, prayer, food, music, and activity. Our hope is that as we journey together, we each draw nearer to the heart of Jesus and nearer to the heart of our community. Although we glean from many sources for material to use with our children, we primarily rely on the inspiration of God’s Spirit, the guidance of scripture, the creativity of the children, and the adults and teens working with the children, and the wisdom of those who have gone on before us and shared their stories for us to retell. In 2018/19, we will draw from Jared Boyd’s Imaginative Prayer, Vineyard kids’ curriculum, David Cook’s Heartshaper curriculum, and various online sources for help as well.
We are blessed with a large team of adult and teen helpers and leaders to facilitate ministry to and with our children. Each of our adults have completed an annual criminal record check. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact Bonnie Bylsma for more information.
Your child is unique and we want to do our best to facilitate positive experiences in church for your child. Please help us by filling out this form if you are new to our community (link to form). Your child’s safety is important to us, and we maintain an appropriate ratio of children to caregivers each Sunday. We also do our best to maintain a safe environment for children’s ministry by following standard practices for church gatherings. You are always welcome to participate alongside your child or just come to observe our Kid’s Church programs on any Sunday you wish.
For more information, please contact our Children and Family Pastor
Bonnie Bylsma 250-318-9377 or
Bonnie Bylsma
Children and Family Pastor
Vineyard Canada Children’s Overseer