Listening Prayer

Prayer is a communication link we have with God.  We are familiar with prayer in the form of petition, thanksgiving, supplication, intercession, & praise. When we use the phrase “listening prayer” we are describing prayer where we make time and space for God to talk to us and we listen. This is why it is called “listening prayer”.

The core values of this prayer are:
(I)  relationship with God. We value intimate communion with God and growing in relationship with Him;
(II) hearing God. Listening to God speak to us is part of being in relationship with Him and valuing that intimacy.

This ministry is focused on: supporting people in learning to hear from God and growing in that; encouraging and strengthening intimacy with God; and personal healing.

We welcome anyone who desires to connect with Jesus.

Contact the office for inquiries & appointment bookings.

Phone: (250) 828-1690
Kellie Gill
Kamloops Vineyard Church
Listening Prayer Overseer