Welcome to the Vineyard Sermon Archive — 2018

This webpage includes a sundry of messages from Vineyard pastors, leaders and guest speakers that we are privileged to host from time to time . . .

We pray these recordings will build a bridge of fellowship between you and our Vineyard family, stirring you to become more intimately connected with the Father and engaged with the objects of His unwavering affection, ‘people’.

— David and Debbie Tombe, Lead Pastors

David & Debbie Tombe

December 2018

Sunday Dec 02 | ‘Advent Series’ – Part I. ‘The Humble King of Hope’

Godly authority and rule presents entirely different from the counterfeit offered by this world. Christ’s humility paved the way to real and lasting hope that can never be taken from us. (Lk 1.26-33, Is 7.14, Matt, 1.22-23, Matt 10.42-45, Phil 2.5-8)

November 2018

Sunday Nov 25 | ‘Realignment. A One Degree Difference.’

Bonnie presents a timely and encouraging message that embraces a way forward—“Change is unavoidable. Without knowing it we can find ourselves drifting off course and it comes time to realign our values and priorities  and to match them up again with our day-to-day living.” (Eph. 4 The Message, Ps 139)

Sunday Nov 18 | ‘Sermon On The Mount’ – Part VIII. ‘Do Not Worry!’

Jesus completely knows about the challenges that we face and our old nature that wrestles with unbelief and fear. That old nature doesn’t define us anymore. Our first priority is to seek him and to invest ourselves in the work our Father’s kingdom that will never end. (Matt 6.19-34)

Sunday Nov 11 | ‘Sermon On The Mount’ – Part VII. ‘When You Pray’

‘The Lord’s Prayer’—Jesus expects God’s people to pray. Prayer is deeply meaningful — It’s not a formula. Like Jesus’ entire Sermon On the Mount, it’s entirely relational. It’s rooted in love and connection with the living God. (Mat 6.5-15, Eccles 5.1-3, Dan 9.4, Ex 4.22)

Sunday Nov 04 | ‘Sermon On The Mount’ – Part VI. ‘The Heart Of The Matter’

 There is no better way to examine our hearts than when we move from theorizing about some loving act of kindness and we determine
 to put it into action. Jesus invites us to a life in which the inside and the outside match perfectly with one another. (Matt 6.1-6, Rev 19.7)

October 2018

Sunday Oct 21 | ‘Sermon On The Mount’ – Part V. ‘Loving Your Enemies’

Love your enemies. Pray for those who persecute you! Jesus not only walked out everything that he taught, but in doing so he carved out a pathway through our wilderness of fear and brokenness, to demonstrate a new way for us to live and to love. (Mat 5:38-48, Is 50:6, Lk 23:34)

Sunday Oct 7 | ‘Drawn To Him With Thanksgiving’ – Communion Series

It’s important that we carry thanksgiving in our hearts toward God. From Luke’s gospel story of the ten lepers, David points to three lessons that we can learn about thanksgiving, “We are needy, God rewards faithfulness and Jesus blesses a thankful heart.” (Mt 26.26-28, Ps 100, Lk 17.11-19)

September 2018

Sunday Sept 30 | ‘Sermon On The Mount’ – Part IV. ‘Jesus Fulfills’

Jesus fulfills all ‘the law and prophets’—”Christ didn’t come to relax God’s covenant law. If our approach is to find out how much we can get away with before we cross the line, we’ve missed the whole point of Christ’s coming.” (Mat 5.17-20, 21-27, 7.12, Jn 3.5, Jer 31.33-34)

Sunday Sept 23 | ‘Impossibilities Are Irrelevant’ — Personal Testimony

David invites Merve (KVC International Missions Overseer) to present a moving personal testimony and a brief teaching about hope and the faithfulness of God, “I’ve seen what God has done with people when they say yes. Impossibilities are irrelevant to God. He regularly performs the impossible.” (Genesis 12, 24)

Sunday Sept 09 | ‘Sermon On The Mount’ – Part III. ‘Salt and Light’

‘Salt and Light’—”Just as God sent His Son into the earth to be a light to the world, Jesus sends us as salt and light—to bring the ministry of God’s love and healing to every nation.”  (Mat 5.13-16, Is 42:6-7, Lk 2.32).

August 2018

Sunday Aug 26 | ‘Sermon On The Mount’ – Part II. ‘The Beatitudes’

The Beatitudes present as Jesus’ priestly blessing over his followers. His blessing sets the stage for Jesus’ sermon on the mount, his manifesto to the church. It’s not good advice! It’s gospel. It’s good news. Jesus invites his followers and he invites us, ‘Follow me’ (Mat 5.1-12, 1 Jn 3.8, Mk 1.15).

Sunday Aug 12 | ‘Sermon On The Mount’ – Part I. Jesus’ Manifesto

David introduces Jesus’ Manifesto—‘Not unlike the Ten Commandments that summarized God’s instructions for relational covenant with himself and one another, Jesus’ is inviting his followers into a loving awareness of God’s presence and a relational connection to the world around them’ (Mat 4.23-25, 5.1-2, 6.33, 1 Pet 2.19-12).

July 2018

Sunday July 03 | ‘The Table Of Fellowship’ – Communion Series

David continues in his Communion Series, teaching on the Table of Fellowship, “Sealed with Jesus’ blood, the Fellowship Meal represents a place of sacred connection where we come to celebrate a new and binding relational covenant with God.’ (1 Cor 11.23-26, Ex 24.8-11)

June 2018

Sunday June 03 | ‘Anticipating a Future Meal’ – Communion Series

David presents one of many important facets regarding our approach to the Lord’s Table, “Communion represents a picture of the future celebration we will have with Christ as the Church reunited with him as his bride.”

March 2018

Sunday Mar 04 | ‘The Holy Spirit In Jesus and You’ Part I

Just as Jesus entered the desert ‘full of the Holy Spirit’ and he returned ‘in the power of Spirit’, David is taking the balance of this month to explore the work of the Spirit in Jesus and is us (primary text Luke 4.1-15 for this series).

February 2018

Sunday Feb 18 | ‘Encountering God In Transition’ – A Personal Testimony

Marvin joined our Vineyard family during a difficult time of loss in his life. In bringing a completion to our series ‘Encountering God In Transition’, Marvin shares a gracious snapshot of his life, of things learned in his personal journey through transition.

Sunday Feb 18 | ‘Encountering God In Transition’ Part IV

David completes the mini-series on transition; the way to “New Beginnings” is a journey that takes us through the cross and into Jesus resurrection life. (Jer 6.16, Jn 12.23-26, Gal 2.20. ref. teacher and author Peter Scazzero—Emotionally Healthy Spirituality).

Sunday Feb 11 | ‘Encountering God In Transition’ Part III

David continues a message on transition; finding peace in the ‘Confusing In-Between’ season of waiting before the new thing, and encouraging listeners, ‘Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and don’t give up’ (Gen 16.2, Luke 13.20-21, Rom 12.2. ref. teacher and author Peter Scazzero—Emotionally Healthy Spirituality).

January 2018

Sunday Jan 28 | ‘Encountering God In Transition’ Part II

David presents an intertwined message of personal and corporate prayer in the midst of transition. Today he addresses the uneasy tension of letting go, of needed endings in order to move through transition and into the next thing God has for us. (Matt 6.7-8, 31-34, Jer 29.13, Peter Scazzero—Emotionally Healthy Spirituality)

Sunday Jan 21 | ‘Prayer and Fasting’

This morning we welcome Jim McClurg to lead us in a special introduction teaching on Prayer and Fasting. From Jan 29th through Feb 4th our Vineyard family is corporately pursuing the face of our Father during seven (7) days of Fasting and coordinated corporate prayer. You can join Jim at the 10:45 mark of this recording.