Welcome to the Vineyard Sermon Archive — 2019

This webpage includes a sundry of messages from Vineyard pastors, leaders and guest speakers that we are privileged to host from time to time . . .

We pray these recordings will build a bridge of fellowship between you and our Vineyard family, stirring you to become more intimately connected with the Father and engaged with the objects of His unwavering affection, ‘people’. — David and Debbie Tombe, Lead Pastors

David & Debbie Tombe

June 2019

Sunday June 16 | ‘Abba Father and the Children of God’ – Celebrating Father’s Day.

A primary function of the Holy Spirit is to fully reveal the love of God the Father and God the Son to our hearts. He is waking us up from the spirit of slavery and drawing us to himself in the spirit of sonship and as his daughters. (Rom 8.11-16, 2 Cor 3.17)

Sunday June 09 | ‘Countdown To Pentecost’ – Part IV. ‘In His Name.’

Jesus’ life, death and resurrection is the great reveal of an entirely
 whole new world. God’s Holy Spirit has come to empower his church to live and love like Jesus. All that is left for us is to exercise the revealed truth that lives in us. (Acts 2.1-4, Jn 16.13-16, 20-24)

Sunday June 02 | ‘Countdown To Pentecost’ – Part III. ‘Earnestly Waiting.’

Just as the earliest disciples waited for the empowering fellowship of God’s Holy Spirit, we too are invited to welcome Jesus’ grand embrace. (Acts 1.3, 14, 4.13, Lk 24.45-52, ref . testimony from John Wimber —’Waiting On The Lord’)

May 2019

Sunday May 26 | ‘Countdown To Pentecost’ – Part II. ‘Letting Go To Move On.’

With Jesus’ ascension into heaven and his resurrected interaction with his closest friends as our backdrop, we touch on the tension of our broken humanity stretching to embrace the love and eternal purposes of God’s Son and our Father in heaven. (Acts 1.6-11, Jer 23.5-6, Jn 20.16-17, Phil 2.13)

Sunday May 19 | ‘Countdown To Pentecost’ – Part I. ‘Do You Love Me?’

Moving beyond our fears and our failures. Drawing from one of the most intimate and vulnerable questions that Jesus could ask any one of us, David invites listeners to heed Jesus’ invitation to follow him. (Jn 21.15-19, Lk 5.8, Mk 14.29, Jn 20.21, ref. EHS Day By Day, Peter Scazzero)

Sunday May 05 | ‘Sermon On The Mount’ – Part XIII. ‘Jesus. Our Firm Foundation.’

Wrapping up our series, David asks us some important questions: (1) If what we are building in this life could be represented by a house, what sort of house are you building?, (2) Who are you listening to? and, finally, (3) Who are you founding that house upon? (Matt 7.24-29)

April 2019

Sunday Apr 28 | ‘Is The Fun Missing In Your Christian Life?’

Not presented as an override to people suffering with the real effects of depression, anxiety, or grief, Ken presents listeners with an informed and delightful message about Jesus’ intended purpose for coming—“That we experience immeasurably full and abundant living as we follow after him’. (The Passion, Jn 10.1-10, Jn 3.16)

Sunday Apr 21 | Easter Sunday – ‘Jesus Open Our Eyes.’

The resurrected Jesus comes to each of us right where we live. This  Easter Sunday we examine the story of the risen Lord who pursues us and infuses us with courage for today and hope for tomorrow.  (Lk 24.28-36, 1 Cor 15.16-19, Matt 4.5)

Sunday Apr 07 | ‘Sermon On The Mount’ – Part XII. ‘Being Watchful Of False Messengers’

Q. Who are you listening to? ‘We need to exercise caution’. Throughout the New Testament Jesus warns us to be on the lookout for false messengers. Jesus says you’ll know them by the fruit of their lives. (Matt 7.15-23, Jn 15.5-6)

March 2019

Sunday Mar 17 | ‘Monday Morning Faith.’

Introducing a theology of work. Practising Jesus’ golden rule of doing to others what you would have them do to you, Bonnie invites us to focus our attention to our spaces of work. What does God think about work? What does God think about us as it relates to work?