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This webpage includes a sundry of messages from Vineyard pastors, leaders and guest speakers that we are privileged to host from time to time . . .

We pray these recordings will build a bridge of fellowship between you and our Vineyard family, stirring you to become more intimately connected with the Father and engaged with the objects of His unwavering affection, ‘people’.

— David and Debbie Tombe, Lead Pastors

David & Debbie Tombe

June 2017

Sunday June 25 | ‘Get Your Life Back!’ An Interview with Ashya Cross

‘What will you give to get your life back?’ (Matt 16.21-28) Ashya, ‘ Jesus introduced me to a dream that I never knew I had; he invited me to a place of intimacy where I had to die to my plans to get to where he wanted to go.’

Sunday June 18 | ‘Money and The Kingdom of God.’ No. 1

God is good. Who we are in Christ is important. If money is the master of us, we’ll struggle to fully live out our purpose in this world.  3 Jn 1:2  Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers’  (Titus 3.4-8)

Sunday June 11 | ‘The Kingdom And God’s People’ No. 4

Our final session of this series—Jesus is building a ‘spiritual house’ where he will come to live forever. He is forming a people for the display of his glory; His own special treasure; a holy nation; a kingdom of priests. (1 Pet 2: 4-12, 2 Samuel 7:12-14, Ps 118.22, Ex 19:3-6)

Sunday June 04 | ‘Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here’ — Pentecost

God’s Holy Spirit comes as fulfillment to the Lord’s declared promises from his old testament prophets and Jesus himself. At Pentecost God gave us grace to live empowered lives; the burden of his glorious presence, through whom we’re called to carry out his purposes (Acts 1:3-5, 2:1-4, Jer 31.33, Joel 2.28-32, Ezek 37.1-14, Jn 14:12-14).

May 2017

Sunday May 28 | ‘Freshwind Visits The Vineyard’ — Transitions

Brian West and Jim Toohey came to fill our sails with potent and life-giving stories of personal and cultural transformation. “Transition is less about a timelines and more about a process of transformation. Before you can begin something new, you have to end what use to be”.

Sunday May 21 | ‘The Kingdom And God’s People’ No. 3

Like the Israelite’s struggle to live, the battles we wage are spiritual, they occur in the many situations we encounter every day. Keeping Christ forefront in our thoughts; we are all in it together, we can’t do it on our own, we need God, and we need one another (Exodus 17:8-16).

Sunday May 07 | ‘The Kingdom And God’s People’ No. 2

Called to live out of the reign and rule of his kingdom in our midst, biblical Christianity moves us toward a greater dependence in God and an interdependence with our brothers and sisters. This, in itself, is a powerful witness to the world. (Matt 15:29-31, Col 2.15, Phil 3.10-11, 2 Chronicles 16.9, Matt 16. 18, Acts 4.32, 2.44-45)

April 2017

Sunday Apr 23 | ‘The Kingdom And God’s People’ No. 1

David presents ‘The Kingdom And God’s People’—it represents a committed return to a bulk of teaching focused on ‘The Kingdom’. Don’t be discouraged by the length of this recording; it’s framed with prophetic words in both the introduction and completion of today’s teaching that must be included.

Sunday Apr 02 | ‘I Want To See Your Glory’ — His Presence No. 2

Eric continues to teach on the stewardship of God’s presence—’God has sought intimacy and fellowship with mankind from the beginning and he is here today to do the same thing.’

March 2017

Sunday Mar 26 | ‘Teach Me Your Ways’ — His Presence No. 1

Jesus captured Eric’s heart when he was very young. He found another person living inside of him, ‘Holy Spirit’. He’s spent a lifetime trying to cooperate with him ever since. Pulling for the scriptures, life-stories and principles learned—Eric shares on learning His ways, and Stewarding His Presence.

Sunday Mar 19 | ‘Take Up Your Cross’ — Following In His Footsteps No. 4

If we want to find our way through this world and into God’s promises, we have to be willing to follow Jesus. If we want to truly live, we have to be willing to die—the only way to experience resurrection life is through the cross. (Lk 9.23-24, Matt 16.13-19, 16.21-28, Gal 5.16-17, 24)

Sunday Mar 05 | ‘Obedience and Godly Character’ — Following In His Footsteps No.3

(Kingdom Series)— Jn 14.15 (MSG) “If you love me, show it by doing what I’ve told you.” As his children, let’s make love our aim and run toward obedience. 

February 2017

Sunday Feb 19 | ‘The Gift of Time: A God Story’

Bonnie explores following God’s lead to establish healthy rhythms of time – work and rest, creation and completion and movement and stillness – in our lives.  Time is a gift, meant to be appreciated fully and used wisely.  Practicing Sabbath can re-frame time in our ordinary lives in practical and meaningful ways.

Sunday Feb 12 | ‘Good Fruit’ — Following In His Footsteps No. 2

(Kingdom Series) Good Fruit is the evidence of God’s Spirit at work in us! Continuing his series on Spiritual Transformation, ’Growing in the Character of Christ’, David points to the work of the Holy Spirit to bring lasting and impacting change. (Gal 5.1, 13-25, Mt 7.18, 2Cor 3.17, 18, Ps 22.3, Jn 8.31, 32, Pr 27.17, Mt 25.44-45).

Sunday Feb 05 | ‘Growing In His Character’ —Following In His Footsteps No. 1

David continues his Kingdom Series teaching from 2016—’Growing in the Character of Christ’—being a disciple means deciding to actively follow Jesus. If we’re rooted in Jesus the fruit will be evident! Jesus chose us to bear good and lasting fruit (Jn 15:16, Mt 7.13-23, Jn 14.21-27, 1Pet 1.23, 2 Cor 3.17-18).

January 2017

Sunday Jan 08 | ‘This Is The Year to Live; Really Live’

Our world is filled with tremendous opportunity. God says, ’You didn’t choose me, I chose you and appointed you to go and produce lasting fruit.’ Choose to listen to the Father; form a plan; and decide to carry it out. God is always the right choice (Eph 1.5, Jn 15.16, and more).

December 2016

Sunday Dec 18 | ‘I Am Your Servant’ — Advent Series No. 2

‘Nothing is impossible with God.’ — Mary’s story should encourage us. The Power of the MOST HIGH comes to rest upon us and to live within us. Blessed are we, when we receive the LORD and we receive the LORD’s promises for our lives! (Luke 1.26-38, Heb 11.1-2)

Sunday Dec 04 | ‘The Lord Is Gracious To Us’ — Advent Series No. 1

We’re all ordinary people, called into an extraordinary life. ‘The Lord is gracious to us’—Papa Father is lavish to include our lives in the grand-story of redemption; he is entirely loving and careful to make the most broken areas of our lives beautiful’. (Luke 1.5-25, Isaiah 40.1-5, Mal 3.1, 4.5-6)

November 2016

Sunday Nov 27 | ‘Mexico Missions Trip—Testimonials.’

We’re all called to love! — David and Merve share along with a handful of members from the Primo Tapia Mexico Mission Team. Interviewing the team, Merve invites members to share some highlights from the trip and asks the question, “How were you personally impacted by the trip?”

Sunday Nov 13 | ‘Humility—The Missing Piece of the Prayer Puzzle.’

Local Pastor Don Maione, leads us through 2 Chronicles 7.14-16. ‘If my people who are called by name will humble themselves’. The emphasis is not on prayer itself, but it’s a call to humility. Our Father is calling us to come to him dependent, submissive and obedient (empty, broken and ready).