Treasures of God Children’s Home


To love, value and become family for abandoned children with disabilities, simply because they are fearfully and wonderfully made by God.



  • Provide a home for abandoned children with special needs made up of a close-knit community of people living in a family-oriented environment.
  • Provide quality care and consistency in order to assist each child in reaching their unique optimal potential.
  • Meet the daily needs of the children, including food, shelter and education, as well as any required physical therapies, medications, specialist Dr. visits, and surgeries.
  • Integrate the children into society and provide life skill training to become as independent as is possible for each child.
  • Share the love of God with each child in the home.
  • Educate people about the inherent worth and value of children with special needs.


“My vision is to see these children not just survive, but thrive! I want them to reach their full potential and see the value in their own lives regardless of what they were told previously.
I want them to know that they are fearfully and wonderfully made by God and He loves them completely. I also want to educate the townspeople and those living in the surrounding communities that these children have tremendous value and are indeed very lovable and worthy.”
– Naomi Heye

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Ways in Which You Can Be Involved:


  • Pray for the home
  • Pray for the individual children
  • Pray for Naomi Heye
  • Pray for specific needs and situations


  • Give a monthly donation
  • Give a special gift
  • Sponsor a child on a monthly basis


  • Phone, write, email or facebook Naomi
  • Send a care package to Naomi
  • Help with postal mailouts (twice a year)
  • Print out and pass along email updates in your spheres of influence
  • Host a gathering – party! – when Naomi is in your area
  • Talk to friends, family, your local paper, TV station or other media
  • Share the vision with your local church.
For more information …
Naomi Heye’s email:
Naomi Heye’s phone number: 001-502-4975-7674
Please visit the Treasures of God Children’s Home blog:
Naomi Heye
TOGCH Founder
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The Kamloops Vineyard is a proud friend and supporter of Naomi Heye and Treasure’s Of God Children’s Home.
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You can directly support Treasures of God through local recycling depots.
Fundraising through Bottle Collection!
To fundraise for Naomi Heye and her children, General Grants Bottle Depot  has offered to collect bottles on TOG’s behalf. All you have to do is drop off your bottles as you usually would and mention Treasures Of God and the refund for your bottles will go directly to the Children’s Home.
(three locations)
611 Fortune Drive 963
Camosun Crescent
1395 Battle Street
for more details call Teresa, 250-372-0044